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Bao Nghi Dreste

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Follow that name. We met Bao Nghi at IMM Cologne and we saw his design at the D3 professionals programme. He is good!

Lately he got mentioned in the IMM Cologne’s rapport of Wallpaper online. That is great! But now, what is he going to do to follow-up?

We have to admit that making it to the D3 professionals is already an achievement. All of the people we met in Cologne who were also exhibiting in the programme, were very talented and focused designers, with a lot of talent and yes, a capacity to run a show at an international venue. That is not an easy piece of cake, we know.

In addition to that, getting attention and keeping that attention for more that five minutes, making that interest last long enough that people remembers your when they check their notes, that is also part of the talent. It depends on the quality of the work, of course. It depends on the way people see that there is commitment, self-assurance and peace of mind.

We loved the pieces from mr. Dreste. Simple, powerful, clever, fresh. We’ll see him around, sure. 

We would love to have him in the agency, because we believe that he is an excellent talent.

See more of Bao Nghi Dreste at Bao-Nghi Dreste design.