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IMM Cologne 2012, already a good start!

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We are preparing a good and solid show for january 2012, when we will be back at Cologne for the international furniture fair. Among the things that we have done was to send Mediodesign’s product L-shelf system to competition for the Interior Innovation Award, an award organised by the German Design Council.

Did we really get surprised this week when we heard that L-shelf was among the winners? Well, yes, a little bit. But we were confident that Juan Pablo Quintero’s brainchild had everything to get through to the final rounds. So far, L-shelf, launched by Arré and designed by Mediodesign, has won its first award. It its still competing for the «best of the best 2012» award, due for final award ceremony on january 16th 2012.

Of course, this will give Arré the opportunity to show L-shelf twice at IMM Cologne, at our own booth and at the innovation boulevard. Already a good start!

official photos in the making

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A sneak peek's preview of the official photos

At the moment Lucía Carretero is working at the post-production of the official photos of Mediodesign Collection.

In Barcelona and Rotterdam, layouts of the postcards and the folder are being made, preparing everything to send the digital layouts to flyerzone, our offset printer in Rotterdam. The schedule looks tight, but it seems that working on tight schedules is the only way to do it. Architects, designers, those kind of persons that are used to crazy deadlines…

Nevertheless, here’s a sneak peek’s preview of the pictures. They look so nice.

Photo shoot

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Elephant chair.

First picture of elephant chair

Going to IMM Cologne not only means being there with the furniture pieces. There is a whole set of things that come along. Among them, a good set of photos and a good printed material to hand off during the fair.

As everything is this period, we have to tilt our usual business to a higher level. The old pictures, made with the best intention and at the best capacity, can be redone with a better quality. That’s why we are hiring a great photographer from Barcelona, which is close to Mediodesign and whose professional work has been all over the place in recent years. We are talking about Lucia Carretero, whose assigment for us is to make fantastic pictures of the pieces that go to IMM Cologne.

With these pictures we are preparing a folder, a set of postcards and a catalog.

Lucia is working together with Maria Teresa León at a beautiful location in Barcelona, trying to get the most out of the new collection and most of all, trying to get the best out of the  mediterranean  winter light. Go girls!