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Going east: Turkey and Hong Kong

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Good products and good work goes everywhere. We have invested in promotion, exposure, working the press and contacts to let the products of Mediodesign and the works of Yoraco González have the attention they deserve. So, when we got requests from Hong Kong for an Elephant chair, and request from Istambul for a press kit regarding Yoraco, we were surprised and happy.

Elephant Lounge chair was promtly delivered to a private client in Hong Kong, via air freight, and a press kit was assembled for the magazine Maicon Française Turkey, which were delighted with the work of Yoraco at Hüttenpalast.

So we are going east, as it should be.

New retailer in Germany: Möbel Mock

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Moebel Mock

Website of Moebel Mock

The family Mock has been a established name in furniture making and design since many years. Dad Möck a master furniture maker, his wife taking care of business and retail shop, their daughters Regina and Julia doing management and interior design. A good strong business in Laupheim.

Julia visit us at the Cologne fair and was charmed by our collection. She has a degree in design from Pratt institute New York, where she met our friend Camila Crazut.

Elephant chair is going to be in the showroom of Möbel Mock very soon, in what it should be the start of a nice relation between Mock, Medio and Arré.

Moving on! …and in different languages

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Well, it seems quiet and peaceful. No news in the last couple of weeks. Nothing of that!

Mediodesign’s catalogues are now available in german, danish and english. Price lists have been sent to many retailers and architects that we met in Cologne. Calls have been made, with positive results. Samples of Mediodesign’s collection have been sent to Milan, to one important potential client. Conversations and deals have been initiated.

And at the website of Mediodesign, people are starting to request quotes, information and products. Almost like: «I want my elephant chair please». Interesting.

On the other end, Berlin, mister González is doing the finishing touches of his work at Huttenpalast. He’s almost fully booked until june, so get a number for the second half of the year if you want Büro Internacional to design and furnish your shop.

Quiet? Maybe, but really busy!

Guru design online

Posted: febrero 18th, 2011 | Author: | Filed under: news | Tags: , , , , | No Comments » is the first online design shop carrying the collection of Mediodesign.

A combination of new furniture designs, accessoires, outdoor furniture and a subtle personal touch, make guru design one of a kind. The clear layout and the intuitive navigation makes browsing through the collection a pleasure. Good work Guru!

Perhaps being true to its name, Guru design teach a way, share its way of seeing things and let people follow, if they wish and if they dare.

So we are happy to be part of the first guru’s selection and we wish the best to Jaquelien Simons en Iwailo Helmers, the people after this great concept. Gurudesignonline, show the way please…



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elephant lounge chairWe got a request from a trendwatchers bureau in Germany to use pictures of the elephant chair in their latest rapport book.

Is mediodesign a trendsetter? We don’t know yet, and perhaps that is not important. As long as we do our job the best way possible, we are satisfied. That’s the philosophy we recall from our conversations with Mediodesign’s team.

Nevertheless, this is an interesting request, a reminder of the unknown impact of what we are doing. We’ll keep the work of Trend büro on check to see what part is mediodesign, Juan Pablo Quintero and Elephant chair playing in the trends of the future.

Photo shoot

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Elephant chair.

First picture of elephant chair

Going to IMM Cologne not only means being there with the furniture pieces. There is a whole set of things that come along. Among them, a good set of photos and a good printed material to hand off during the fair.

As everything is this period, we have to tilt our usual business to a higher level. The old pictures, made with the best intention and at the best capacity, can be redone with a better quality. That’s why we are hiring a great photographer from Barcelona, which is close to Mediodesign and whose professional work has been all over the place in recent years. We are talking about Lucia Carretero, whose assigment for us is to make fantastic pictures of the pieces that go to IMM Cologne.

With these pictures we are preparing a folder, a set of postcards and a catalog.

Lucia is working together with Maria Teresa León at a beautiful location in Barcelona, trying to get the most out of the new collection and most of all, trying to get the best out of the  mediterranean  winter light. Go girls!