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Getting press in Greece

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Insekt desk is coming next week to Cologne and meanwhile we are having a week with lot of exposure for our products.
In Greece, HomeGuide is featuring Insekt desk in their latest blog entry, which has prompt enough reactions from Greek retailers and public through the mail… nice to see Insekt desk and Arré moving on worldwide!

Interior Innovation Award 2013

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Insekt desk winner!

Insekt desk winner!

Insekt desk +Kids, designed by Buisjes & Beugels Studio has been awarded the Interior Innovation Award 2013 by the German Design Council!

This is wonderful news for Kellie Smits, the designer, and for Arré, producer and distributor of Insekt desk range.

So for the second time, Arré has presented winning products to the Interior Innovation Award, underscoring the quality of our collection. That’s a good sign!

We are shipping an extra insekt desk +kids to IMM Cologne next january, where all the winners of the IIA 2013 will compete for the prestigious «best of the best of 2013» award. An international jury will select and award 15 products in the forenight of IMM Cologne opening. So we are still in the race for more!


QUINTo at Qubique

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QUINTo chair at Qubique Berlin 2011

A chair to relax

During Qubique, we could talk about the pieces making part of the QUINTo collection, about the geometry, about the qualities and features of Black palm tree wood, about its difficulties, about design, about collaboration, about Mr. Wood, about Arré, about Yoraco. We could talk to anyone asking, to anyone who approached us with a remark or a question, to curious people of Berlin, to fellow exhibitors.

We could talk. We talked. But the QUINTo chair, reclining chair and bed, they told the story in a different way. They let people sit on them, they were to see, they were there to seat.

This picture makes part of the photo gallery of Qubique. This is one of the impressions of the third day. It is great to see that this collection made it to the gallery, made it to the media, a little bit. Now is the time to make it to the visitors and professionals that took a seat, that took a look and those who asked…

Hello Berlin!

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In a few hours we’ll be part of the great show of Qubique. A new sort of trade fair starting wednesday october 26th for the first time ever in Berlin. With a spectacular venue–decomissioned Tempelhof airport– it is going to be great.

Of course, everyone is working overtime, we are late, there are problems during the last day, the last hour, the last minute. But we are going to be present with the amazing work of Yoraco González. It is going to be his show at his german hometown.

So, pretty soon, more news about it.

Blickfang Vienna

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Last weekend Mediodesign presented its collection at Blickfang Vienna, on a special invitation by curator Andrés Fredes.

We had a lot of feedback from Blickfang visitors, other exhibitors and the curator team. Most important, Vienna’s public was enthousiast about Mediodesign’s products.

Juan Pablo Quintero, Adriana Juncu and myself were present at the MAK Museum, a great venue by the way.

We could close some sales with private clients, and we were able to initiate conversations with retailers and distributors in Austria and Germany. We met some good designers we already met during IMM Cologne! we are now part of that world too…

We are expecting some follow-up from this, as we made contact with many private clients whom meant to contact us in the next weeks. Well, don’t forget to do it! We’ll hold the special prices of Blickfang Vienna for a limited time!

Being noticed

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at tumblr Xemei stool...

Being noticed is nice. We have invest time and money to present our collections in the best possible way. Apart from that, we believe that the quality of the products we represent should play their role. A good design is worth noticing. A good design well presented, should be noticed.

So far, that has been the way of Arré. And so far we are getting the results we expected. We noticed early this week that pictures of Xemei Stool were appearing at several Tumblr blogs. » Nice development»  we thought. But we knew that the circulation speed of images at Tumblr is amazing fast, and once an image picks up steam, it goes all over the place.

From tumblr to the notcot blog it was just a step and it did surprise us. Notcot has huge traffic and we are beginning to notice. In 36 hours we got from our usual traffic of 40 visitors to 400 hundred, we got to quote request and the image of Xemei stools is circulating by the millions. Nice.

So, let’s enjoy while it last, because tomorrow will be over. Or not?

Huttenpalast: Silke, Sarah and Yoraco

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The Hüttenpalast hotel/»camping in a building» is the talk of the town. Well, the city of Berlin, of course.

Travel blogs, design blogs, Frame magazine, Berlin travel guides, all of them and many more have featured stories about the special place created by Silke and Sarah in Berlin.

Of course, we are proud of this development, where Yoraco González has played an important part. His special refurbishing of three caravans, have been a success within the whole concept presented by Silke Lorenzen and Sarah Vollmer.

Online press in Canada, the U.S. and several blogs

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a view of the home page of Interiorzine

Home page of interiorzine as of 29-01-2011

The multiplying effect of IMM Cologne and our campaign to launch the collection is still working. A good press kit, in the form of a press compartment at the IMM Cologne web site, has worked very good in channeling pictures and copy to the press.

At the moment we are still waiting for printed media to start running items about Mediodesign, but it seems that it will work out great as well. We are expecting publication in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, and perhaps in the Netherlands. A couple of high profile media in the U.S. also have our press kit. We’ll see.

Meanwhile, we are being mentioned in an item in a canadian (french speaking) news provider. The traffic at has tripled with canadian visitors. Are we ready for such big countries? We’ll see.

We also had a bite of America, which is just starting to notice mediodesign. Interiorzine had just published an article about Xemei.

Huttenpalast Berlin

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Yoraco González of Buro-Internacional

Yoraco González, another exclusive designer represented by Arré Agency, is working in a concept hostel in the middle of his hometown Berlin. At the moment in the early stage of work, one of the main attractions of this Huttenpalast are three caravans being refurbished by Yoraco.

Yoraco's caravans

Combining raw cut wood elements and CNC pieces, this one-off installation would serve as hostel units. We’ll keep an eye on this development and would promptly inform about Yoraco, his latest work and previous interior design work in Berlin.

The press is noticing us (with a little help)

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A couple of media outlets have picked up our press releases at IMM Cologne website and now run news item about Mediodesign. That’s great! Hopefully more will follow.

That’s good news! In the first place these news outlets have picked up our info, which means that we are newsworthy. In second place, this multiply our exposure.

We are on track…

See what Schöner Wohnen and Infurma say about Mediodesign…