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Walking around, looking carefully, and moving forward, that is what Arré is doing these days.

At the end, or meanwhile, we expect to come with a narrative that explains Arré. An explanation or an identity which is not «created» in a lab or at a advertisement Agency.

We have been looking (in the visual sense), and we have seen interesting things, developments. We have seen people who are active with great design and great work. We have seen that retail is changing. Manufacturing is changing as well.

So, what’s the narrative, the story that explains Arré? We will get to that.

Milan 2012

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Milan design week is like a big river delta. Streams, small waterways, big water arms, all moving, converging, diverging,  flowing.

For the second time around, we visited Milan for the design week. We met designers, old friends, clients, manufacturers, people in the elevator, people on the bus, people in the train, on the street, everywhere a nice talk. Good coffee everywhere.

We have to mention two things: Scholten en Baijings Color One project for Mini, and Marina Abramovic exhibition.

About the later, we had the chance to visit an exhibition of works of Marina Abramovic, a leading contemporary artist. Remarkable and impressive works.

About Scholten and Baijings: a view and an approach for design that is beyond esthetics or functionality. A fresh view and a «deconstructive  yet at the same time compositional work».