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2016 and still running

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We have been working hard on different projects and Arré design has been part of that.
Arré design, together with Avila Architecture are at the core of my commercial and professional, but setbacks in 2014 and their implications in 2015 have had an impact in my companies.
With Avila Architecture, I designed and built a house in Almere, The Netherlands, and together with my family we moved in in august 2014. That’s not a setback!
But it was a tough process, as we ran out of money from the mortgage, we were victims of fraud and adapting to the new place was not that easy.
Meanwhile, many running projects of Arré were put on hold. The capital wasn’t there and the work capacity was diverted to more urgent things.
We look at the facebook page and could not stop wondering. People from over the globe keep coming back to like the page and follow. There is still magic!
We found out that Insekt desk, one of the star products from the beginning still has a follow-up, even if the last produced desk was made in late 2013. What a surprise!
That’s why we have touched base at Kellie Smits studio to see if we can start a new license run with Insekt Desk, perhaps with some improvements in design and logistics. Still, if is not broken…
About L-shelf System, we hear many requests. Many inquires. We keep talking with mediodesign studio to get a new go of the product, perhaps a crown-funding special edition?
We have plenty of ideas and we want to go further. Please send a word for more info or your comments…

IMM Cologne 2014

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A short but intensive visit to IMM Cologne this year, with lot of new contacts, meetings with friends and business relations, and of course, the unexpected casual meeting that makes trade fairs worthwhile.

We engaged in nice conversations with the designers Branka Vlasius, Sebastian Scherer , and burö Famos, we looked at their projects and we found interesting paths to follow.

We came across several emerging companies with furniture ranges of great quality, solid background, and positive founding history, like Ames, Loehr, Ondarreta.

We tried to pick up the trends: the embracing sofa as everyone’s piece «de resistance», the embracing shell chair, the tripod coat rack, the diffuse rug patterns, the multiple functionality, the simple «no tools» book shelf (something we naively used to claim).

We were impressed by MDF Italia, Vitra (a bit), Conde house, some of Poliform, Schonbüch, and innomobel.

We were charmed by Jella lamp by Lena schlumbohm, beautiful, clever, functional, clear.

We were impressed by Anne Ziegler, who shown an intriguing kitchen cabinet.

At the design school sections we found a lot of digital fabrication, on site, in real time. All machines were churnning little pieces of plastic, ceramics, resin, right there. The future? feels more like The present…





Arré 2014

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At Arré, we have come to the moment of change. After three years working in the design furniture market, design management, production, marketing and distribution, we are focusing our work into the things of greatest value for us and the things we love.

In 2014, we want to renew and improve our collection with several designs that fulfill our vision of things. Objects and furniture that are clear, functional, beautiful and honest. In the coming posts, we will write more about this.

We want to make good logistics and excellent customer relations a norm.

We want to have a sustainable business in the sense that it is solid, profitable and aimed at beauty, the future and efficiency.

We will try to keep it up to date and transparant in this blog.

As always, our milestones are marked at IMM cologne, so in the coming week we will be again visiting Cologne, taking a look, reflecting and preparing our actions for 2014.

Paperblog Spain

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Getting press in Greece

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Insekt desk is coming next week to Cologne and meanwhile we are having a week with lot of exposure for our products.
In Greece, HomeGuide is featuring Insekt desk in their latest blog entry, which has prompt enough reactions from Greek retailers and public through the mail… nice to see Insekt desk and Arré moving on worldwide!

Interior Innovation Award 2013

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Insekt desk winner!

Insekt desk winner!

Insekt desk +Kids, designed by Buisjes & Beugels Studio has been awarded the Interior Innovation Award 2013 by the German Design Council!

This is wonderful news for Kellie Smits, the designer, and for Arré, producer and distributor of Insekt desk range.

So for the second time, Arré has presented winning products to the Interior Innovation Award, underscoring the quality of our collection. That’s a good sign!

We are shipping an extra insekt desk +kids to IMM Cologne next january, where all the winners of the IIA 2013 will compete for the prestigious «best of the best of 2013» award. An international jury will select and award 15 products in the forenight of IMM Cologne opening. So we are still in the race for more!


Photo shoot action

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This week we were preparing and shooting the new pictures of Insekt desk for our new campaigns. Also for support to our partner retailers. A lot of work but good work. Stylist Mirella Sahetapy collected beautiful accessoires, prepared a clever composition and shooted…
Expect some news about this very soon…

Style in Rotterdam

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We are getting Mirella Sahetapy on board for our photoshoots and style pictures. One of the best stylists in the Netherlands! With work at Elle wonen, VT wonen and all the good glossy magazine, and catalog work for competing danish furniture brands.

check it out!

Identity, grow, expansion

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Arre is growing and that means many things. One of them is quantities. More sales, more retailers, more products, more revenues. More profits as well? We are making more investments for sure.

It means that more people are learning about our products, there is more exposure. Which leads Arré into an identity quest.

What we have done so far has give us some traces about what we are. Arré’s intuition has been great so far. But now we ask ourselves in Rotterdam, can we share it? Can we build around this intuition/identity?



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Walking around, looking carefully, and moving forward, that is what Arré is doing these days.

At the end, or meanwhile, we expect to come with a narrative that explains Arré. An explanation or an identity which is not «created» in a lab or at a advertisement Agency.

We have been looking (in the visual sense), and we have seen interesting things, developments. We have seen people who are active with great design and great work. We have seen that retail is changing. Manufacturing is changing as well.

So, what’s the narrative, the story that explains Arré? We will get to that.