Arré is an agency for emerging design talents, industrial designers and architects.
Please follow us in our journey into the european market of design furniture and objets.

Designed in Barcelona | Designed in Rotterdam | Designed in Berlin

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Arré is ready to show the latest collection of designs and products at IMM Cologne. The show is focused on the international location of our designers and brands, their workplace, their inspiration. Each of them, Juan Pablo Quintero, Kellie Smits, Michiel van Malestein, Azul Cadenas, Yoraco González, are inspired by their cities, interacting with the creative partners, culture, architecture, businesses, friends and life in those places.

We like to think that, though it might be irrelevant for some, location plays a part in the creative process. It is the promise of Arré as well, to support those ideas and try to carry the stories and developments that brought them up in the first place. Designed in Barcelona, designed in Berlin, designed in Miami, yes.

But what does Arré? Organises in Rotterdam? Management? carries a Collection? Perhaps a new business model, a new mode for design, our way to contemporary furniture, a different approach. We are, most definitely, working on that.

We believe that we are preparing to become a furniture and contract label. But we are thinking and pondering, looking around and outside, thinking that perhaps there is room for a more collaborative approach, for effective production, for creating good value with these wonderful resources. We have started engaging conversations with our designers, clients, friends, suppliers, producers, design enthousiasts. In Chicago, Barcelona, Rotterdam, Berlin, Vienna, New York City, Kortrijk. Not only because we like to travel (we do!) but also because this journey of Arré has brought us there. We’ll get there.

SerieZ looking at Medio

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SerieZ article

still making waves

Another interesting blog from Barcelona is looking at mediodesign’s collection with good eyes. They like Juan Pablo Quintero approach and have somehow summarized the key features of the collection. «Metáforas de la complementaridad» a rather complicated sentence, but still attractive for the people at SerieZ.

official photos in the making

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A sneak peek's preview of the official photos

At the moment Lucía Carretero is working at the post-production of the official photos of Mediodesign Collection.

In Barcelona and Rotterdam, layouts of the postcards and the folder are being made, preparing everything to send the digital layouts to flyerzone, our offset printer in Rotterdam. The schedule looks tight, but it seems that working on tight schedules is the only way to do it. Architects, designers, those kind of persons that are used to crazy deadlines…

Nevertheless, here’s a sneak peek’s preview of the pictures. They look so nice.

Countdown to 17th january 2011

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stand imm cologne

The first draft

Here we are, the new year has arrived! This year at Cologne!

Quite exciting and a lot of work to do yet. Photo sessions still going in Barcelona, dtp layout and print in stand-by for the final draft (with new pictures!), and a lot of small things.

At least, it seems that the collection that Mediodesign is going to show, as proposed last december, is ready and being prepared for shipping. Wow!

Meanwhile, take a look at the first draft of the stand. Later we’ll post how this draft evolved into something else. First Rotterdam-Barcelona design collaboration…

Blue Chains design and Mediodesign: closer than you think

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A nice thing about Arré is that it brings together different designers with different background and approaches to one place.

Mediodesign’s Maria Teresa León started looking at Blue Chains website and came across a known name: Oriol Tarridas! Tarridas made the pictures of Blue Chains Design collection, and he is a good friend of Mediodesign’s team in Barcelona.

That sort of coincidence gives a good feeling about what we are doing. Now we still have to come to business with Azul Cadenas and Blue Chains Design. We will get it!

Photo shoot

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Elephant chair.

First picture of elephant chair

Going to IMM Cologne not only means being there with the furniture pieces. There is a whole set of things that come along. Among them, a good set of photos and a good printed material to hand off during the fair.

As everything is this period, we have to tilt our usual business to a higher level. The old pictures, made with the best intention and at the best capacity, can be redone with a better quality. That’s why we are hiring a great photographer from Barcelona, which is close to Mediodesign and whose professional work has been all over the place in recent years. We are talking about Lucia Carretero, whose assigment for us is to make fantastic pictures of the pieces that go to IMM Cologne.

With these pictures we are preparing a folder, a set of postcards and a catalog.

Lucia is working together with Maria Teresa León at a beautiful location in Barcelona, trying to get the most out of the new collection and most of all, trying to get the best out of the  mediterranean  winter light. Go girls!