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IMM Cologne 2014

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A short but intensive visit to IMM Cologne this year, with lot of new contacts, meetings with friends and business relations, and of course, the unexpected casual meeting that makes trade fairs worthwhile.

We engaged in nice conversations with the designers Branka Vlasius, Sebastian Scherer , and burö Famos, we looked at their projects and we found interesting paths to follow.

We came across several emerging companies with furniture ranges of great quality, solid background, and positive founding history, like Ames, Loehr, Ondarreta.

We tried to pick up the trends: the embracing sofa as everyone’s piece «de resistance», the embracing shell chair, the tripod coat rack, the diffuse rug patterns, the multiple functionality, the simple «no tools» book shelf (something we naively used to claim).

We were impressed by MDF Italia, Vitra (a bit), Conde house, some of Poliform, Schonbüch, and innomobel.

We were charmed by Jella lamp by Lena schlumbohm, beautiful, clever, functional, clear.

We were impressed by Anne Ziegler, who shown an intriguing kitchen cabinet.

At the design school sections we found a lot of digital fabrication, on site, in real time. All machines were churnning little pieces of plastic, ceramics, resin, right there. The future? feels more like The present…





Interior Innovation Award 2013

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Insekt desk winner!

Insekt desk winner!

Insekt desk +Kids, designed by Buisjes & Beugels Studio has been awarded the Interior Innovation Award 2013 by the German Design Council!

This is wonderful news for Kellie Smits, the designer, and for Arré, producer and distributor of Insekt desk range.

So for the second time, Arré has presented winning products to the Interior Innovation Award, underscoring the quality of our collection. That’s a good sign!

We are shipping an extra insekt desk +kids to IMM Cologne next january, where all the winners of the IIA 2013 will compete for the prestigious «best of the best of 2013» award. An international jury will select and award 15 products in the forenight of IMM Cologne opening. So we are still in the race for more!



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Walking around, looking carefully, and moving forward, that is what Arré is doing these days.

At the end, or meanwhile, we expect to come with a narrative that explains Arré. An explanation or an identity which is not «created» in a lab or at a advertisement Agency.

We have been looking (in the visual sense), and we have seen interesting things, developments. We have seen people who are active with great design and great work. We have seen that retail is changing. Manufacturing is changing as well.

So, what’s the narrative, the story that explains Arré? We will get to that.

Milan 2012

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Milan design week is like a big river delta. Streams, small waterways, big water arms, all moving, converging, diverging,  flowing.

For the second time around, we visited Milan for the design week. We met designers, old friends, clients, manufacturers, people in the elevator, people on the bus, people in the train, on the street, everywhere a nice talk. Good coffee everywhere.

We have to mention two things: Scholten en Baijings Color One project for Mini, and Marina Abramovic exhibition.

About the later, we had the chance to visit an exhibition of works of Marina Abramovic, a leading contemporary artist. Remarkable and impressive works.

About Scholten and Baijings: a view and an approach for design that is beyond esthetics or functionality. A fresh view and a «deconstructive  yet at the same time compositional work».


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We are coming to Qubique Berlin in a couple of weeks!

From October 26th until the 29th, we will be at Tempelhof.

Yoraco González will present his work for outdoor furniture. A great collection of pieces made of remnant wood (another word for waste wood!) of the kind use for flooring. He has team up with Mr. Wood, a leading italian company in wood flooring, to study, classify, design, produce, test, and give shape to these pieces.

It has been an intense project, between Rotterdam, Berlin and Florence, with materials coming from Perú. We are quite excited about the show.

We will be present at the Ventura Berlin zone, located at the entrance of Qubique. Ventura Berlin, organised by the same people of Ventura Lambrate in Milan, is a curated exhibition full of innovative design, products and projects. The ideal place for Yoraco’s work!

Additionally, we will invite visitors to follow the Yoraco’s route in Berlin, to see restaurants, boutiques, galleries and many more interiors which have been designed by Yoraco.

See you there!

Huttenpalast: Silke, Sarah and Yoraco

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The Hüttenpalast hotel/»camping in a building» is the talk of the town. Well, the city of Berlin, of course.

Travel blogs, design blogs, Frame magazine, Berlin travel guides, all of them and many more have featured stories about the special place created by Silke and Sarah in Berlin.

Of course, we are proud of this development, where Yoraco González has played an important part. His special refurbishing of three caravans, have been a success within the whole concept presented by Silke Lorenzen and Sarah Vollmer.


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elephant lounge chairWe got a request from a trendwatchers bureau in Germany to use pictures of the elephant chair in their latest rapport book.

Is mediodesign a trendsetter? We don’t know yet, and perhaps that is not important. As long as we do our job the best way possible, we are satisfied. That’s the philosophy we recall from our conversations with Mediodesign’s team.

Nevertheless, this is an interesting request, a reminder of the unknown impact of what we are doing. We’ll keep the work of Trend büro on check to see what part is mediodesign, Juan Pablo Quintero and Elephant chair playing in the trends of the future.