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Online press in Canada, the U.S. and several blogs

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a view of the home page of Interiorzine

Home page of interiorzine as of 29-01-2011

The multiplying effect of IMM Cologne and our campaign to launch the collection is still working. A good press kit, in the form of a press compartment at the IMM Cologne web site, has worked very good in channeling pictures and copy to the press.

At the moment we are still waiting for printed media to start running items about Mediodesign, but it seems that it will work out great as well. We are expecting publication in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, and perhaps in the Netherlands. A couple of high profile media in the U.S. also have our press kit. We’ll see.

Meanwhile, we are being mentioned in an item in a canadian (french speaking) news provider. The traffic at has tripled with canadian visitors. Are we ready for such big countries? We’ll see.

We also had a bite of America, which is just starting to notice mediodesign. Interiorzine had just published an article about Xemei.

First retailers in the Netherlands

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Yes, a few days after IMM Cologne we can confirm this: the first shops to carry our collection are Greenwich Village in Haarlem and Enicon Projectinrichters in ‘s-Hertogenbosch.

Greenwich Village will open its doors on 11 february 2011 and it will show the elephant lounge chair in its first collection. We wish Greenwich Village and the lovely Mariuccia Giovannini great success!

Enicon Projectinrichters is a contract company in Den Bosch, with a beautiful showroom. They carry Mooi, Artifort, Herman Miller, Aeris, Thonet, and several great brands, and now they are carrying Mediodesign as well. Great news.

Japanese press

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During the official opening day on tuesday january 18th, we got many visitors and many good contacts. We also had visits from the press, the local newspaper here in Cologne, and these guys from Zero Design magazine from Japan.

They stayed for almost half an hour at the stand, interviewing Juan Pablo Quintero. When they were finished talking, they got they gear and started shooting videos and making pictures of the stand and mediodesign’s pieces.

Great! See you in Japan!

Catalogue Mediodesign 2011 available

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Please click the following link to download the pdf Mediodesign Catalogue 2011.


We are almost there!

official photos in the making

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A sneak peek's preview of the official photos

At the moment Lucía Carretero is working at the post-production of the official photos of Mediodesign Collection.

In Barcelona and Rotterdam, layouts of the postcards and the folder are being made, preparing everything to send the digital layouts to flyerzone, our offset printer in Rotterdam. The schedule looks tight, but it seems that working on tight schedules is the only way to do it. Architects, designers, those kind of persons that are used to crazy deadlines…

Nevertheless, here’s a sneak peek’s preview of the pictures. They look so nice.

Countdown to 17th january 2011

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stand imm cologne

The first draft

Here we are, the new year has arrived! This year at Cologne!

Quite exciting and a lot of work to do yet. Photo sessions still going in Barcelona, dtp layout and print in stand-by for the final draft (with new pictures!), and a lot of small things.

At least, it seems that the collection that Mediodesign is going to show, as proposed last december, is ready and being prepared for shipping. Wow!

Meanwhile, take a look at the first draft of the stand. Later we’ll post how this draft evolved into something else. First Rotterdam-Barcelona design collaboration…

This is were we stand

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At the Koelnmesse, Mediodesign would be at hall 3.2 aisle C stand 0.60.

It looks like a good place, if there is good traffic through passage 3 and 4. Anyway, a nice stand to begin at 4×3 meters.

We present: Mediodesign

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Though we don’t need to present Mediodesign, this company has established itself as a leading company in design, digital fabrication, furniture design, and architecture in Barcelona, Spain. We thought that it was a good idea to represent Mediodesign and give then support and leverage to set their products and services in the European market.

First we thought that we could just try to sell their pieces in the Netherlands, but further analysis brought us to the conclusion that a broader approach was better. We set course for a good introduction moment in the european markets, and after considering Milan, London and Cologne, we decided, together with Mediodesign, to launch the international collection in Germany.

So we started a frantic run to set  up everything. We have engaged many people in our network, including fellow designer Yoraco González from Burö Internacional, who will come from Berlin to lend a hand at the fair. In Barcelona, Mediodesign is busy producing the furniture pieces included in the collection, arranging photo shooting session.  We are busy with dtp layouts, contracts, publicity, press releases, catering, travel… a lot.

Would it be worth it? Of course yes!

IMM Cologne in january 2011

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Arré design agency is presenting Mediodesign at IMM Cologne next january.

After months of preparation, Arré design agency is starting business in Europe. Acting as exclusive agent of Mediodesign, we are standing at the IMM Cologne trade fair for the first time ever. We hope this would be the first of many succesful trade fairs for Arré and our clients. We are very excited about it and therefore are keen to show all the in’s and out’s of the final preparation before the show, our experiences during the show and the aftermath. Don’t forget to check regurarlly to see what’s going on. We have everything ready to report directly from the fair and keep you up to date about Mediodesign at Cologne, our first show.