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First day at the fair!

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Monday january 17th the IMM Cologne trade fair started for VIP guests and press guess. The pre-opening! With about 300.000 sqare meters of exhibition surface, one of the biggest trade fairs in the sector. We are in! Of course you already know that, but still, we can’t believe it sometimes.

During the first day, Maria León, Juan Pablo Quintero, John Larking, Yoraco González and Antonio Paiva were standing at the fair. We made a lot of contacts, about 20 business opportunities and about 6 press contacts. Great for a day with limited entrance.

We have incredible attention for the L shelf, and a lot of people stop at our booth to look closely at the system. That gives us the excuse to engage people in conversation and introduce the whole collection, make the contact and get the information we need.

It goes fantastic! So we are really excited about the next days, with the offcial opening on tuesday. Mediodesign, go!

Moving on towards IMM Cologne!

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The opening’s day is approaching, people are working at the stand right now, printed material is being finished, the team is coming to the old Cologne, wow!

Yoraco has arrived to Cologne early today and he should be working at the stand, painting the walls, receiving goods and arranging things with the IMM Cologne organisation.

Juan Pablo and María arriving tonight from Barcelona. Tomorrow is the big day for set up.

In Rotterdam, rush hour for our offset printer! we certainly put flyerzone to work this week. 1500 Folders, 3000 postcards, 1000 business cards, it looks crazy, but we are just calculating that perhaps 2% of the 150.000 visitors  would pick up a folder and bring it home to look further…

The gross of the printed material is going by express courier to Cologne, it has been just picked up tonight and it will arrive monday morning at Cologne. There goes the euro’s of Arré Agency, because those express deliveries aren’t cheap! But that’s our work, a long stretch of support, marketing, logistics, phone calls, counseling, finance support, contracts, lawyers, and working with designers!

Soon the blog will report from the fair grounds, on site, at the heart of the matter…from Cologne!

More press coverage

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The Independent, a quality paper in the UK, has run an item about Mediodesign! Please check here to see the article.

On the main page, a picture of the L Shelf system. That is great! Further in the text, Mediodesign is being positioned as a “trendsetter”. That reads very cool indeed…

We are on track!

Catalogue Mediodesign 2011 available

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Please click the following link to download the pdf Mediodesign Catalogue 2011.


We are almost there!

The press is noticing us (with a little help)

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A couple of media outlets have picked up our press releases at IMM Cologne website and now run news item about Mediodesign. That’s great! Hopefully more will follow.

That’s good news! In the first place these news outlets have picked up our info, which means that we are newsworthy. In second place, this multiply our exposure.

We are on track…

See what Schöner Wohnen and Infurma say about Mediodesign…

official photos in the making

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A sneak peek's preview of the official photos

At the moment Lucía Carretero is working at the post-production of the official photos of Mediodesign Collection.

In Barcelona and Rotterdam, layouts of the postcards and the folder are being made, preparing everything to send the digital layouts to flyerzone, our offset printer in Rotterdam. The schedule looks tight, but it seems that working on tight schedules is the only way to do it. Architects, designers, those kind of persons that are used to crazy deadlines…

Nevertheless, here’s a sneak peek’s preview of the pictures. They look so nice.

Be nice to your neighbours: Atmosfera

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Looks like the D³ Design Talents programme would be very interesting, with nice seminars about professional practice, a number of interviews organised by dezeen and a party on saturday night.

Nevertheless, this is also an opportunity to make contact with interesting designers, architects and idea-makers who are in the same predicament as mediodesign is:  A talented group of people looking for a break or exposure at an international stage. Next to Mediodesign stand, at 3.2.C.062, the croatian architects of atmosfera, will be presenting an intriguing “innovative furniture concept” at IMM Cologne.

What is that all about? We’ll have to wait and see. As for now, we already are in contact, trying to be good neighbours. We already agreed… to get coffee for each other from the coffee machine during the long hours at the fair. Wow!

Maybe we can achieve some other things, like sharing internet, tips, refering visitors to each other, getting an agency contract (that’s really ambitious dr. Paiva)… Let’s be nice.

Catalogue [D3] Design talents is out!

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The catalogue for the [D³] Design Talents is out and online!

Mediodesign is in the catalogue, of course (page 69 if you can’t wait) as one of the few non-german studios in the Professionals section. A lot of nice thing, good ideas, good studios and good designers. Nice to see the guys from Barcelona, in whom we fully believe, in such a nice publication among a really selected company.

So, everybody is delivering their stuff in time, the catalogue is ready, the shipping is being prepared, the pictures are coming (hopefully!), our helping hand Yoraco is preparing his trip, last calls and faxes…

The sketch from Rotterdam

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Sketch from Rotterdam

This is the sketch that came from Rotterdam as an alternative setup for Mediodesign stand.

Later on, Mediodesign Barcelona made a render image of this sketch with the actual furniture models. So far, the stand would look somehow like this. Still, a render is a render, and a stand can change. Always.

Some people involved have added some items to the walls. We also hired some chairs to set around the O table, in case we need to have a chat with visitors.

Still, it looks like we have too many things in the stand, but we’ll see as it goes.

Just thinking that we were considering early on to get other collections as well, is easy to see that space /room is still an important issue when it comes to exhibiting furniture.

Countdown to 17th january 2011

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stand imm cologne

The first draft

Here we are, the new year has arrived! This year at Cologne!

Quite exciting and a lot of work to do yet. Photo sessions still going in Barcelona, dtp layout and print in stand-by for the final draft (with new pictures!), and a lot of small things.

At least, it seems that the collection that Mediodesign is going to show, as proposed last december, is ready and being prepared for shipping. Wow!

Meanwhile, take a look at the first draft of the stand. Later we’ll post how this draft evolved into something else. First Rotterdam-Barcelona design collaboration…