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Moving on towards IMM Cologne!

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The opening’s day is approaching, people are working at the stand right now, printed material is being finished, the team is coming to the old Cologne, wow!

Yoraco has arrived to Cologne early today and he should be working at the stand, painting the walls, receiving goods and arranging things with the IMM Cologne organisation.

Juan Pablo and María arriving tonight from Barcelona. Tomorrow is the big day for set up.

In Rotterdam, rush hour for our offset printer! we certainly put flyerzone to work this week. 1500 Folders, 3000 postcards, 1000 business cards, it looks crazy, but we are just calculating that perhaps 2% of the 150.000 visitors  would pick up a folder and bring it home to look further…

The gross of the printed material is going by express courier to Cologne, it has been just picked up tonight and it will arrive monday morning at Cologne. There goes the euro’s of Arré Agency, because those express deliveries aren’t cheap! But that’s our work, a long stretch of support, marketing, logistics, phone calls, counseling, finance support, contracts, lawyers, and working with designers!

Soon the blog will report from the fair grounds, on site, at the heart of the matter…from Cologne!

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