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We are in! At this very moment is doing a flash sale of mediodesign’s collection for three days. We are expecting a good sale, as is one of the fastest growing commercial sites in the sector.

We are keeping an eye on the sails, to see how it goes, but so far, after two hours, a lot of interest and 2 L-Shelf sets sold. Let’s see what happens between today and friday september 2nd.

Going east: Turkey and Hong Kong

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Good products and good work goes everywhere. We have invested in promotion, exposure, working the press and contacts to let the products of Mediodesign and the works of Yoraco González have the attention they deserve. So, when we got requests from Hong Kong for an Elephant chair, and request from Istambul for a press kit regarding Yoraco, we were surprised and happy.

Elephant Lounge chair was promtly delivered to a private client in Hong Kong, via air freight, and a press kit was assembled for the magazine Maicon Française Turkey, which were delighted with the work of Yoraco at Hüttenpalast.

So we are going east, as it should be.

Being noticed

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at tumblr Xemei stool...

Being noticed is nice. We have invest time and money to present our collections in the best possible way. Apart from that, we believe that the quality of the products we represent should play their role. A good design is worth noticing. A good design well presented, should be noticed.

So far, that has been the way of Arré. And so far we are getting the results we expected. We noticed early this week that pictures of Xemei Stool were appearing at several Tumblr blogs. ” Nice development”  we thought. But we knew that the circulation speed of images at Tumblr is amazing fast, and once an image picks up steam, it goes all over the place.

From tumblr to the notcot blog it was just a step and it did surprise us. Notcot has huge traffic and we are beginning to notice. In 36 hours we got from our usual traffic of 40 visitors to 400 hundred, we got to quote request and the image of Xemei stools is circulating by the millions. Nice.

So, let’s enjoy while it last, because tomorrow will be over. Or not?

Blue Chains on board!

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Azul Cadenas, designer, master furniture maker,  and production designer for theatrical shows, finally is working together with Arré for sales and distribution of his collection in Europe. We are proud to announce that Blue Chains is on board!

With his strong and fresh designs, Florida based Cadenas has recently made a great appeareance at the ICFF fair in New York City, something we were expecting and hoping.

As always, we are commited to support excellent design, and we have found that on this collection. Please take a look at the catalogue available at the download section of arré design’s site to see what we mean by that. Still, we are working in some projects for the near future. We plan to launch a couple of exclusive pieces from Blue next year. More to follow, so keep following us.

Going to Florence

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As we mentioned earlier, we were proposing design services to Mr. Wood in Florence for design and production of an outdoor collection by Yoraco González.

We are proud to annouce that this commission has been confirmed by the client, so early september we are expecting some good stuff coming from Yoraco and Mr. Wood.

Sound great and also shows that the partnership Arré/Yoraco has impact and success. Keep it up Berlin!

The road to manufacturing

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Arré is now dealing with the challenge of setting up mass manufacturing for some products of Medio. As agent and partner of our designers, we take every opportunity seriously. When a large retailer in Germany asked for volume production, we decided to take a look at the opportunity and research the possibilities.

So far, we are stepping up our work, developing this business from Rotterdam. We are dealing with suppliers, package design, import/export issues, logistics, licenses, patents, royalties, finance. At Arré, we consider this our work at that  is what we are willing to do when our designers and their products need to meet the demands of the market.

What can happen? we have many scenarios at the moment, but we are sure that our product will be soon available at many, many outlets in Germany, the starting point of a wonderful idea.

So, we are fine, supporting excellent design.

Huttenpalast: Silke, Sarah and Yoraco

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The Hüttenpalast hotel/”camping in a building” is the talk of the town. Well, the city of Berlin, of course.

Travel blogs, design blogs, Frame magazine, Berlin travel guides, all of them and many more have featured stories about the special place created by Silke and Sarah in Berlin.

Of course, we are proud of this development, where Yoraco González has played an important part. His special refurbishing of three caravans, have been a success within the whole concept presented by Silke Lorenzen and Sarah Vollmer.

Yoraco’s work in Berlin

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Our exclusive designer and furniture maker, Yoraco González, continues to fill Berlin with his ideas. He is responsible for a few trendsetting interiors in the German capital and he’s gaining more and more recognition.

At the moment, Arré agency has secured several projects in Berlin where the creativity and expertise of Yoraco is being used. With the support of Arré, Yoraco can concentrate in design and production, his best qualities and potential in full. Arré manages administration, agency, client contact, acquisition, etc.

We are preparing a new collection of outdoor furniture under Yoraco’s name and design. This project will bring Yoraco to Florence, Italy, where he will be working directly on the wood material specially brought to Europe by Andreas Picchi (from the firm Mr. Wood). We are expecting exciting news from Florence. Yoraco’s work tend to be close to nature, close to the character and feel of the wood, and still contemporary and modern.

Salone del mobile 2011 Milano

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In april we went to Milan to take a look at the new trends, competitors, partners, clients, etc.

We had a wonderful time in the city, together with our very friend Carolina Suels, architect at Giorgio Armani in Milan. She showed us the way.

We made interesting contacts with potential clients we already engaged in Cologne, we are working on that. We also met new designers for our collection, and we made good contact with a couple of excellent italian furniture companies. You’ll hear soon about it.

For the second half of the year we are planning a lot of new stuff. We are busy preparing a promotional campaign in Germany, the start of the new collection of 2012 and working on specific contracts in the U.S., Germany and Italy.

Meanwhile, we have secured support for our export activities from the dutch goverment, by means of a export subsidy programme aimed at starting export companies. So we have some room to grow…

New retailer in Germany: Möbel Mock

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Moebel Mock

Website of Moebel Mock

The family Mock has been a established name in furniture making and design since many years. Dad Möck a master furniture maker, his wife taking care of business and retail shop, their daughters Regina and Julia doing management and interior design. A good strong business in Laupheim.

Julia visit us at the Cologne fair and was charmed by our collection. She has a degree in design from Pratt institute New York, where she met our friend Camila Crazut.

Elephant chair is going to be in the showroom of Möbel Mock very soon, in what it should be the start of a nice relation between Mock, Medio and Arré.