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Being noticed

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at tumblr Xemei stool...

Being noticed is nice. We have invest time and money to present our collections in the best possible way. Apart from that, we believe that the quality of the products we represent should play their role. A good design is worth noticing. A good design well presented, should be noticed.

So far, that has been the way of Arré. And so far we are getting the results we expected. We noticed early this week that pictures of Xemei Stool were appearing at several Tumblr blogs. ” Nice development”  we thought. But we knew that the circulation speed of images at Tumblr is amazing fast, and once an image picks up steam, it goes all over the place.

From tumblr to the notcot blog it was just a step and it did surprise us. Notcot has huge traffic and we are beginning to notice. In 36 hours we got from our usual traffic of 40 visitors to 400 hundred, we got to quote request and the image of Xemei stools is circulating by the millions. Nice.

So, let’s enjoy while it last, because tomorrow will be over. Or not?

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